Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring & Easter

I know it has been forever since I have posted, sorry; life just continues to happen. But I will try to be better.

Well Spring is finally here, hopefully! Is anybody else tired of the lovely weather happening and then the next day it snows again!?! So hopefully the warm weather is here to stay.
So many things have been going on in my family since I last posted that this post will be a review of everything.

Christmas and the holidays were a lovely gathering of friends and family. I taught a bread making class for my ward. We went sledding down the hills right by our house a lot. Anna and Sean love each other only as a new brother and sister can do! Branden found out his rotations; all in Pocatello and Blackfoot and one in Reno, NV. With that there is only one more year of school left! YEAH!!!!
I taught another food class on Sauces and Seasonings and will teach how to use dry beans this week. Sean is crawling everywhere and walking along furniture; also desperately trying to stand up by himself. Anna is playing with her friends and going to be starting soccer and swim lessons in the next while. Branden has three weeks of tests and he will be done with his third year. I am spring cleaning this week: today's goals are cleaning the oven, clean out the storage closet, sweep the porch, put away clothes the kids have grown out of, and anything else that I can get to.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I took a cake decorating class at Robert's and I loved it. I will continue with the next course after I get to practice what I have learned for a bit. I am also taking a quilting class next Saturday. I will post a picture of the baby quilt when I am done with it.
Well, I think I am all caught up now on what has been going on with us. So for now on I can be more detailed on our life.

Thanks for listening!


The Bunnell Fam said...

I love updates! I am so glad that you updated. Keep them coming! I really love the picture of Brandon and the kiddos. Your kids are beautiful!

Hanna in the House... said...

Thanks for the update, I always love to hear what is going on with you and your cute family. How have your classes been going?
Love the Pictures!

Katie Lee said...

you sound like such a good cook... you should definitely visit more and let us benefit from those skills! :D love and miss you!

The Bunnell Fam said...

We need more updates and you need to add me to your blog

It was good to see you this summer!How are you feeling?

maxbenn said...

Beautiful Kids. Congratulations Branden and Sheila.

Sharla Anne said...

I love these pictures. I cant wait to see some pics of the little one. Hope your doing good.